There are number of different types of Forex trading software. Trading software can do anything from help you design your own trading system to automatically place your trades for you.

Here’s a brief outline of the different types of trading software and what they are used for:

Forex Trading Platform – Your trading platform is the interface between you and your broker. Trading platform software is what makes online Forex trading possible. Forex trading platform software is downloaded from your Forex broker’s website for you to install on your computer. Once your account is open and funded you will be able to place trades directly from your computer. This is one of the greatest things about Forex trading as you can trade from anywhere in the world that has a reliable Internet connection.

Forex System Development Software – System development software is used by traders wishing to develop their own Forex trading systems. Development software allows a trader to test their trading ideas by using historical data. This process is called back testing and is very useful for seeing how a particular trading idea might have performed in the past.

Forex Robots – A Forex robots already has a Forex trading system programmed inside of it. It is called a robot because it automatically generate Forex signals for the trader without human intervention. When interfaced with a compatible Forex trading platform a Forex robot can place trades automatically. This is the ultimate in Forex trading automation. Keep in mind that before you attempt to allow a Forex robots to trade for you automatically you should thoroughly test and observe it in a demo account without having any real money at risk Once you are absolutely confident that it performs as it should then you can have it trade in your live funded account.

Forex System Software – Forex system software is similar to a Forex robot in that it generates Forex signals for the trader. The software can be used standalone and generates signals which the trader can then manually place using their Forex trading platform.

As you can see Forex trading software can definitely make life more convenient for the Forex trader. In the case of Forex robots and Forex system software, make certain that you investigate them thoroughly before your purchase. It is this type of trading software that can mean the difference between success and failure in Forex trading.





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