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FAPTurbo was released 25th November and made a huge buzz over the internet. No wonder as seems it is a really first money trading robot, the product we all so expected for a long time among all the crap that is popping up on the market every single day.

See Mark Larsen video report and review his FAPTurbo live trading statement. Click Here. Let the numbers speak for themselves.

Charles A. Floyd from has issues Special FAPTurbo Settings Report with his own settings and strategy. Added FAPTurbo to portfolio and discussions and started FAPTurbo mentoring class.
FAPWinner - The Best Forex Trading Community

Mark Larsen video update with his recent results.

Congratulations to FAPTurbo developers! This robot won the world Forex Robot contest. Quote: "The first to cross the finish line of this, the 3rd world contest of automatic trading, was FAPTurbo. This forex robot was the undisputed winner of the 3rd contest since its beginning. An extraordinary 62.2% equity increase was reached with this robot becoming the new highest ever equity growth in our live competition."

New FAPTurbo version 47 was released! Mark Larsen made a few quick tests and it looks awesome!

FAPTurbo robot has become so popular and profitable that every scammer dreams of cloning it. There was a huge number of scam clones created recently. Read FAPTturbo scam clones report. Beware of the clones!

Rob Casey has developed a detailed FAPTurbo guide which is worth reading. It is not free however if you are serious of making money on FAPTurbo it is worth it. Read FAPTurbo Expert Guide.
FAPTurbo Expert Guide - Make the Most of FAPTurbo





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