A Forex robots success or failure is dependent on the algorithm or rules, it uses for making trading signals. By looking at the rules, you can see which ones are likely to make money, here are some simple tips to find the best. Every Forex robot you see promoted claims to make money but the simple fact is most don't and will wipe your equity out. Why? Because the rules they use to trade are based on unsound logic. The first points to keep in mind are these.

Forget sophisticated mathematical formulas, to predict prices - they don't work and never will. Forex markets don't move to mathematics they move to the odds so complex theories lead to losses furthermore, there is no system that can predict the future. Ignore any system that claims it is predictive and move onto the next one. Generally the fewer the rules the trading system contains the better. So don't think simple systems don't work they do, as they are very robust and a system that's to complicated will simply break.

Now let's look at some other ways to spot good Forex Robot.

Does the system have an independent track record or is it simply a back test? If it is a simulated back test, then all this means is that the vendor has bent his rules to fit historical data to make a profit. These fail miserably in real time as you can't bend going forward.

Is it short term trading system? If it is avoid it. It won't work because all short term movements are random and no day trading or scalping system will make money.

Check that all Markets are traded with Same Rules? If there not and you have unique rules for different markets and conditions, chances are it's a bent to fit system, that has simulated track record and should be avoided.

A simple Forex Robot can be the best robot and it should trade ALL markets in the same way and trade them long term. Most Forex robots you see claim to be mathematical, predictive and complicated which is not a good sign! Stick to the ones that have a real time track record to back up what they claim and never trust a back tested simulation. Look around and you will find the right automated Forex robot which can lead you to long term success.





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