When choosing a Forex Robot, there is one point you should check to see if it is likely to make gains and if you do you will get rid of the vast majority of Forex robots that lose money.

What you need to do is look at the track record and see if it's real and it's a fact that most Forex Robots do not have a real track record of gains. All they have is a back tested, simulated track record over historical data. This means they can buy and sell where they want to (and they do) and make a profit!

Of course in the real world going forward, you don't know the closing price in advance and these Forex robots lose money quickly. There are some robots that put out (what they claim) are real results but these should be treated with extreme caution, as there never independently audited.

Of course, the only way the automated system traders can come up with track records that beat the world's best fund managers for $100 is to make them up. It's pretty obvious that if you could pay a couple of hundred dollars and double your money each month, there would be no credit crunch, as the whole world would be trading and making a fortune!

There are some automated Forex trading systems that make money but they are a minority. They do have good solid track records and don't make the ridiculous claims that the Forex Robot vendors do and these systems are a good choice. Take a look at them and you will find some good ones with real, solid long term track records.





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