You are going to look stupid and lose if you read a lot of the rubbish written online, you can trade with some losses here and there or no losses but even the best foreign exchange trading strategies, will lose for weeks on end. You can face losses and the market making you look stupid - are you ready to handle this and stay on course?

When you trade you have to know your trading edge - this is the exact reason (defined) which means you will emerge a winner, when 95% of traders lose. If you don’t know what your trading edge is - you don’t have one and will lose. It’s a challenge but you can make big profit if you know what you’re doing. To several amateur traders like to follow like sheep and get slaughtered.

You may learn the fundamentals this means not only learning how and why the markets work - but why you’re trading system will lead you to success, so you can obtain confidence in it and the willpower to follow it. Are you prepared to do this?

You want to trade in isolation, in common or in garden life, we are taught to conform with the majority and hear experts. In forex trading you must forget the majority view, as the majority lose! Ignore the majority and follow your own path?

You don’t have to work hard to win. This has got nothing to do with working hard (you don’t get rewarded for effort just being accurate with your trading signals), it’s to do with working smart, learning the right foreign exchange trading basics and having the right attitude to stand alone and win. So if you want a challenge, forex trading will give it to you and having the right angle and a burning desire to succeed, you might be on the way to a great second or even life changing earnings.





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