After three months of competing for the safest trading Forex robot, Sienna, an automated Forex trading system designed by CTSFOREX.COM, has been announced the eighth best Forex robot in the world.

Considering that over 400 participants from 40 countries participated in the competition, this feat is an extraordinary achievement. Sienna managed a ratio of 13.55 risk adjusted rate of return and could convert the starting capital of $250,000 to $271,202 with a return of 8.48% after 3 months – approximately 34% per annum.

The competition was conducted by Varengold Wertpapierhandelsbank AG (Germany Commercial bank for securities) for the second time and stretched from 1st August 2009 to 31st October 2009. The participants were given virtual play money accounts and could trade in all currencies. The winner was to get the managed account ready for trade and bank based sales support for additional capital.

Known for its consistency, Sienna further proved its viability through its impressive results. Sienna comes with a suite of six trading sub-systems, which enables traders to keep an eye on the performance and intervene whenever needed. The highlight of the Forex robot Sienna, is that it negates the need to spend time studying and analyzing the market.

Designed by CTSFOREX, a company that is known for its innovative and reliable Forex robots, Sienna’s advantage is the trading opportunity that it offers for aspiring or less experienced traders. The robot can be deployed on the EUR/USD currency pair and it acts on different trigger points, minimizing risk and maximizing returns from the highly volatile Forex market.

The automated Forex system Sienna is one of five auto trading systems offered by CTSFOREX.COM. These auto trading systems have been commercially available since March 2009: Haley, Jasmine, Leah, Mellisa and Sienna. Each system can be set for different amounts of risk, and thus offer the opportunity for higher returns. Sienna and Mellisa have shown great consistency since March 2009, and offer medium rewards with the least risk.

About CTSFOREX: Begun on the principles of providing stable, quality, and reliable services, CTSFOREX offers a variety of Forex robots to choose from. The company is famous for its lower ‘drawdown’ and dependable performance year after year. CTSFOREX is owned by Winsor Global Financial Inc.





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