Online Forex Broker FOREXYARD forges ahead with an ever widening array of products by launching its FSA (Forex Strategy Automator) account. The new product is more than just a new account type. It allows traders to choose pre-made strategies to trade on their behalf, essentially Forex Automatic Trading. Basically, where once a user would need to go through the steps of learning all there was to learn about forex trading, customers now need only choose a strategy that suits his or her needs and desires and the rest is automated. The technology is also revolutionary for experienced traders, allowing them to diversify their portfolios. The technology is completely web based, requires no download, and can be used on any computer or browser type.

The technology allows novices and experts alike to step into the forex market with little or no knowledge whatsoever. FOREXYARD makes only one assumption; that a customer can decide for himself who best to manage his portfolio. Customers need only imagine that they are stepping into a full service brokerage where they can meet and learn everything about their account manager including performance history. So at a click of a button, a customer can choose who best to manage his money - based on real performance.

Forex traders more familiar with the Meta Trader platform will also be very comfortable with this new account type. FOREXYARD customers using the aptly named FSA (FOREX STRATEGY AUTOMATOR) account can now utilize all the benefits found on MT4, but on a legitimate broker's software. Foreyard's new software allows an EA (Expert Advisors) the ability to upload strategies on to the platform making them readily accessible to all of Foreyard's customers. The new functionality will allow traders the world over to choose any number of Auto-Forex Trading Strategies to work for them while EAs can upload their own strategies just like on MT4.

Established in 2005, FOREXYARD is an online foreign exchange broker providing thousands of customers the vehicle they need to trade. By providing this new technology, Forex Automatic Trading, FOREXYARD hopes to take some of the bite out of learning forex.





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